"Affirmation, Care Ethics, and LGBT Identity"

In this book, I argue that affirmation is not only encouragement or support, but also the primary mechanism we use to form our identities and create safe spaces. Using the work of feminist care ethics and the thinking of French philosopher Henri Bergson I examine responses to school bullying and abuses faced by LGBT older adults to provide the theoretical analysis and practical tools LGBT people and their allies need to make all spaces, public and private, spaces in which we can live openly as members of the LGBT community.

With its combination of philosophical theory and on-the-ground activist experience, this text will be useful to anyone interested in philosophy, women’s and gender studies, psychology, aging, geriatrics, and LGBT activism.


“Affirmation, Care Ethics and LGBT Identity is a timely and original contribution to ethical philosophy, feminist theory, and LGBT studies. Johnston’s argument for affirmation as an ethical obligation is an important contribution to addressing the seemingly disparate problems of bullying and care for the elderly.”

Ellen Feder, William Fraser McDowell Professor of Philosophy and Social Policy, American University

“This book explores the need for affirmation as experienced by members of two different LGBT cohorts. The author combines theory and practice by drawing on philosophy, ethics, first-hand reports and popular culture examples. Significantly, the project adopts a life course perspective, which makes a strong and innovative contribution to the field. Moreover, it is a brave work, offering solutions to complex and pressing issues.”

Justine McGovern, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Lehman College


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